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Sean Beckett

Years ago, somewhere in Costa Rica’s rainforest, a teenage Sean was awoken by his guide from a peaceful slumber in an airy bungalow and shuffled into the 04:00 hum of a waking jungle. The dawn chorus of a hundred tropical songbirds soaked the air and ornamented the branches in emerald and sapphire. Sean was transfixed. Hooked on natural history, he went on to study biology and environmental studies at Vassar College, and received his M.S. from the University of Vermont's Field Naturalist Program.

Sean has worked extensively as a wildlife ecologist, researching Atlantic puffins in Maine, saw-whet owls in New York, raptors in Idaho, pygmy-owls in Mexico, and Clark’s nutcrackers in Wyoming. Sean then settled in the peripheries of Yellowstone National Park to lead nature safaris and photography excursions to share his favorite wolves, bears, and bison with Natural Habitat Adventures’ inquisitive travelers. When Yellowstone's wildlife viewing slows, Sean joins the NatHab team at the frozen shores of the Hudson Bay to search for polar bears and arctic foxes.

Originally hailing from Vermont, Sean Beckett grew up with a camera in-hand. Trained by his mother, an Army photojournalist, Sean learned from an early age how to use a camera to deliver the essence of our planet’s most powerful experiences. In wildlife photography, each photo represents not only an encounter with a stunning animal, but an entire experience powerful enough to move travelers toward environmental consciousness, understanding, and advocacy. Between NatHab expeditions, Sean leads nature photography workshops across Vermont through his small business, Green Mountain Exposure.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

A. Clawson
"Sean's subject knowledge was incredible. He was very well spoken with a voice that held your attention! He gave very detailed answers to every question which was much appreciated. He picked up on little things that held the children's attention and figured out the things that we were interested in (wildflowers for me). He then added items to the trip that would make it more enjoyable for all of us. He was a very caring individual and he could explain items to the children in a way that they picked up a great deal of information."

R. Langley
"Sean was beyond outstanding. He had an incredible depth of knowledge in biology, geology, and history of Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons."

E. Hobbs

"Sean is a wealth of information and was one of the best guides that I've had. He was definitely an above and beyond kind of guy."

M. Fenton
"Sean's enthusiasm was evident the entire trip amongst many other qualities. He was professional, knowledgeable, able to inspire and an effective communicator. This made for an incredibly enjoyable, comfortable and energetic expedition. I couldn't have asked for a better Expedition Leader."

J. Pickles
"Sean was an exceptional guide. His spotting skills and knowledge of Yellowstone's wildlife was remarkable. Not only have I gained insight into the world of wolves and the interplay between their families, but I have come away with much improved camera skills thanks to Sean's tuition. He was attentive to our needs and safety at all times, especially around wildlife. He was confident, calm, had endless patience and told great stories!"

P. Shallenberger
"Sean was amazing—the depth and breadth of his knowledge coupled with his enthusiasm and energy made the trip an educational delight. He was able to stay professional while also being fun and funny. I can't say enough. And his home-cooked breakfasts were such an extra treat."
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