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Matt Edrich

Matt's roots in the American West run as deep as any desert plant you'll find out there, and his appetite for adventure is as tall as any mountain in the Rockies. Growing up near Denver, Matt spent his youth exploring Colorado and the American Southwest as the seasons demanded: hiking, biking, snowboarding, backpacking, dancing at nearby Red Rocks Amphitheater or simply pondering the landscape. It was on an "extended sabbatical from university study" that he was able to rediscover his utter fascination with the rhythms, pulses and dynamism of nature while traveling across Australia and Southeast Asia.

Newly inspired, Matt returned to Colorado State University where he earned his bachelor's in ecosystem science and sustainability. He worked as a cartographer, acoustic data analyst, forestry observer, GIS technician and horticultural educator before finding his calling as a guide in the places he wandered so often as a child. He has been a wilderness and adventure guide to friends and family for the better part of a decade. He is a captivating storyteller, dedicated scientist and restless believer in helping our travelers create a sense of place in the landscapes that have helped him come to know who he is.

When he isn't guiding, Matt is constantly striving to balance his love of adventure travel, rock climbing, scuba diving, musicianship, mindfulness practice, volunteering and the endless pursuit of knowledge. He is deeply fascinated by coral reefs, natural history and the Gaia hypothesis. One day, Matt intends to pursue graduate studies in sustainable urban design, but for now, his home is where his heart (and his Sprinter van) is.

Praise from Nat Hab travelers: 

S. Lytle-Vieira

"Matt was an excellent guide. Whatever you're paying him, triple it. He is an enormous asset to your company. He knew the areas we visited like the back of his hand. He was a walking encyclopedia of all things related to the natural world, and he shared his knowledge with passion and enthusiasm. I felt he was always focused on conveying the richness of the landscape, as well as making sure we had a great experience. He really went out of his way to make sure my dietary needs were met. I felt he was extraordinarily present when he was with us, sharing actively in conversations and engaging us with questions and stories. Matt was clearly doing work he loved, instead of 'just a job.' I loved that he never appeared distracted while he was with us. He was the right mix of efficient, relaxed, friendly and professional. If the rest of your guides are as good as Matt, you have a customer for life."

 T. Cleary
"Scott and Matt were both outstanding. They were energetic and passionate about the canyons, their beauty, their creation and the need to preserve them. Scott and Matt shared expert knowledge about the land and formations and deepened my understanding of the entire Southwest region. From sunrise in the Grand Canyon to sunset in Zion, they provided exactly the knowledge and experience I was looking for. This is the reason I like traveling with Nat Hab. We recommend Natural Habitat Adventures to our friends and family when discussing our life-changing experiences with you. I enjoy going with the experts who know where and when to go and are able to share their knowledge and enthusiasm of these places with me."

S. Kroft
"Matt was efficient, diligent, knowledgeable, helpful, informative, energetic, courteous and hard working. If I have left out any superlatives that I cannot currently remember, they all apply to Matt, too. In short, he was exceptional."

S. Von Berg

"Matt was energetic, flexible and kind. He was always punctual and very knowledgeable."

J. Cleary
"The inexplicable beauty of the land was amazing, but what made this trip especially wonderful was the knowledge of Matt and Scott. They were both extremely knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. They provided us with incredible information and were always concerned about our comfort. Both Matt and Scott exceeded our expectations." 
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