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Jeremy Covert

Jeremy, who was born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky, became enamored with nature at a young age thanks to the woods near his house on the banks of the Ohio River. His family consistently adventured outdoors, making frequent visits to the Great Smoky Mountains to learn its flora and fauna and to experience its seasonal variations.

Jeremy attended college with the intention of studying marine biology, but instead earned degrees in drawing, design, and painting with a minor in philosophy. He then left the Midwest to attend graduate school in Bozeman, Montana where he earned a Master’s of Fine Arts (MFA).

Since leaving school, Jeremy has followed an exciting and varied path. He has taught college classes at several universities, directed multiple art galleries, worked as an outdoor educator, and guided whitewater rafting, backpacking, hiking, sea kayaking and ski trips. He has also led backcountry igloo camping outings and mushroom harvesting, identification and cooking trips.

For the past 20 years, Jeremy has split his time between the West Coast and Montana where he enjoys exploring mountains and rivers and visiting with flowers and animals. Jeremy is an avid sailor and a practicing and showing artist who loves to sketch, paint and shoot photos as much as he loves to share the outdoors with his guests.

Even though he doesn’t live there anymore, Jeremy still has a very special place in his heart for Great Smoky Mountain National Park. He and his large, close-knit family, who were instrumental in his love and patronage of natural spaces, still get together in the Smokies frequently. Whether it’s on personal trips or while leading expeditions for Nat Hab, Jeremy loves sharing the magic of natural settings and wilderness with family, friends and guests.

Upcoming Adventures with Jeremy:
Glacier & Waterton: An International Treasure

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

A. Berlin
"Jeremy was our primary guide. He kept us entertained, well-fed (which, as a vegan, I truly appreciated), and enraptured with his story telling. In short, he's an outstanding guide."

F. Gurecka
"Jeremy went above and beyond day and night, putting his entire body, soul and spirit into making the tour as comfortable and interesting as possible. We went out early mornings and most evenings to search of wildlife, and the days were peppered with informative, sometimes sobering and often hilarious stories of the peoples living in these lands. His enthusiasm was boundless and knowledge extensive. I look forward to traveling with him in the future with Nat Hab!"

V. Pope
"Jeremy was outstanding. His knowledge of the Glacier and Waterton Parks was superb. He had details that he conveyed to us about history, current events, names of flowers and wildlife—he covered everything. He was always available for us. His willingness to help each one of us was so above and beyond his responsibility. He taught us numerous photography lessons that make our trip even more memorable! We believe he is the BEST guide we have had on a tour before. He is an irreplaceable person to your company."

J. McCloskey
"Jeremy is blessed with an infectious enthusiasm, a cheerful manner and indefatigable energy, in addition to imparting his considerable knowledge to me and my companions on this wonderful trip. Thanks to his efforts, we had exceptional wildlife viewings all with a complete feeling of safety. He even shouldered the burden of carrying fellow travelers' backpacks and camera equipment if they were having difficulty. Suffice to say that we would most assuredly travel with him again, regardless of the Nat Hab destination. We now consider him a friend."

C. Pflasterer

"The vast knowledge of geology, culture and history of the area, animals, flowers and trees that Jeremy gave us was incredible. I don't believe he can be topped in any naturalist field. I was delighted to be at Glacier and experience the wonder and magic of the magnificence of the area. Jeremy and the other members of the group made this possible and I am certainly glad that I decided to book the trip with Nat Hab."

L. Hollis
"This is my third small group tour (and my first with Nat Hab) and I can't say enough positive things about Jeremy. Several of us felt that he was doing the job of two people, preparing for our long days, providing us with lunch and snacks, and educating us about what we were seeing all along the way. He never lost his sense of humor or his concern about the welfare of each one of us. He made sure we were all well situated at our hotels before taking care of his own needs. He was always willing to go the extra mile to make sure we saw and did everything anyone wanted to, early morning hikes and after dinner drives included."

C. Davis
"Guides on other trips don't even compare to Jeremy. He was the most organized Expedition Leader that we have ever seen. He always had food, drinks and even extra equipment if we needed it. We were impressed with the knowledge he had on the hikes and on cultural excursions. He was informational and entertaining. We would recommend trips with your company and especially Jeremy as a guide to everyone. We took a three week trip across three states and found this was the best week of all. Thank you!"

M. Sadowski
"Jeremy was amazing. His knowledge and personality were great. He gave us great photography tips and made sure this was the trip of a lifetime. He was engaging, very kind and professional. He was concerned with safety and that everyone was enjoying their trip. He is outstanding and my husband and I can't say enough good things about him because we feel he made this the best trip we have ever taken."

M. Tenkate
"Jeremy was truly amazing. At every opportunity he exceeded my expectations. He worked tirelessly all week to make it a great experience. He always had the van ready to go and was always enthusiastic about going out to see wildlife. He shared his love and knowledge of the park. I also noticed that he repeatedly went out of his way to be friendly to park staff, which I think significantly improved the quality of the trip."

D. Zindler
“Jeremy was an outstanding guide! He was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and passionate about polar bear conservation. He spent extra time with the children on our trip by bringing them books to look at and assisting with their photography. I think our group voted him the coolest guy on the planet.”

R. Battson
“Jeremy was born for this. He was both clear and precise when addressing the group. We really considered him a friend after our trip. He included everyone in all activities but never pressured the group. He stresses safety first, and I always felt comfortable with him in charge. He clearly wanted us to have a fun and memorable trip and we did. He was without a doubt one of my favorite parts of the trip.”

K. Steele
“Jeremy has a true talent for bringing people together. He is funny, warm and so passionate about his work. His wildlife knowledge is unending. Jeremy’s leadership was unforgettable due to his brilliant, delightful personality. He made time for everyone and made the trip better than I expected.”

J. Johnston
“Jeremy gave 200% or more at all times to everyone on the trip. He is a wonderful, intelligent leader who cared about every person. He demonstrates a very high level of social and emotional intelligence in the way he managed the group. There really are not enough superlatives to fully describe how fantastic Jeremy was as our guide. If I travel with Nat Hab again, I would certainly seek out any tours that Jeremy might be leading. My experience on this trip exceeded all expectations, largely because of Jeremy!”

E. Andrews
“I would have to say that Jeremy was my favorite part of the trip. I just love learning about new places, and he was filled with knowledge. He was also funny and patient with all of the guests, which helped everyone feel comfortable on the trip. He was simply great.”
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