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Drew McCarthy

Having spent most of his life above 61 degrees north, Drew is most comfortable negotiating the adventures and challenges of life at high latitudes. He grew up in Anchorage and has sought solitude and adventure in wilderness for as long as he can remember. He has explored Alaska’s immense wild spaces by foot, skis and mountain bike, and his early career as a scientist, teacher and guide expanded his horizons from Himalayan heights to equatorial Africa.

After studying Aleutian volcanoes for several years as a geologist based in Fairbanks, Drew lived in Kenya and worked with WWF advising freshwater conservation projects around the Rift Valley’s lakes. Upon returning to Alaska, Drew worked for the National Park Service, exploring many of Alaska’s remote parks while working as a wilderness and environmental planner.

Drawn to teaching, Drew earned a master’s degree in education and embarked on his career as a teacher, coach and wilderness guide. He has led backcountry hiking excursions Denali National Park and winter ski and snowcoach outings in Yellowstone National Park, as well as Nat Hab expeditions in Greenland. When not guiding, Drew lives in a cabin at the foot of the Tetons, where he’s constantly in search of any excuse to travel by foot through the backcountry.

Upcoming Adventures with Drew:
Discover Greenland: The Natural Habitat Experience
Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

P. O'Connor
"Drew was superb as a guide, attentive to all our needs, funny, exceptional in spotting wildlife and was great at making sure we all had a chance to see it. I couldn't have asked for better!"

V. Storey
"Drew was fantastic, very knowledgeable and managed the group well in terms of time and different abilities. He made each day better than the next! I cannot praise him highly enough."

J. Gallup
"I'm not sure how to communicate in words how good Drew and Paul were. I've traveled extensively on tours and they were the best guides I've ever had. From their calm and easygoing demeanor to anticipating our every need, their extensive knowledge of the locales and the coordination of the smallest of details, these two were the best. I will definitely be looking to travel with them again."

C. Myers
"This was our third trip with Nat Hab, and once again we were very impressed with our Expedition Leaders. The Greenland trip was our first opportunity to experience the partnership of two Expedition Leaders rather than just one. From my perspective the collaboration between Katie and Drew was seamless. Although both of them had extensive knowledge in all areas related to the trip, they balanced each other out in terms of specialization. For example, Katie tended to talk more about ice and Drew tended to talk more about the plant life, but they both shared information in all areas and they clearly set a high standard for themselves in terms of knowledge they had to share. I learned many new things every day of the trip, and that was important to me."

B. Clingman
"I can't say enough about the Expedition Leaders. Katie and Drew were both very knowledgeable about the area, geology, wildlife and culture. They were also careful with our safety and helped us feel very secure. In addition, they were great fun, and promoted a congenial group dynamic with the travelers. I would travel with them any day, and fortunately, I could say the same thing about all of the Nat Hab guides with whom we have traveled."
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