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Chandraguptha (Wicky) Wickramasekara

Born and raised in a rural village north of Sri Lanka’s capital city, Colombo, Wicky grew up near a beautiful lake and large rice fields where birds, mammals and reptiles roamed the terrain. He recalls fondly his mother talking about the seasonal call of the Asian koel before they would lay eggs in a crow’s nest, and the sound of blue-tailed bee-eaters arriving for the winter. Between schoolteacher parents who loved wildlife and the outdoors and an early immersion in the natural environment, Wicky found the influences that led him to become the naturalist he is today.

Wicky initially went to school in Colombo, studying economics, accounting and business. He also had a keen interest in geography. Eventually, he earned a certificate in marketing. A successful career in sales and marketing for Sri Lankan dairy products taught him about planning, punctuality, teamwork and the power of innovation. Returning to his passion for the environment, Wicky applied all those skills to a new career as a naturalist guide. His expertise on the Sri Lankan landscape and its wildlife-rich ecosystems is vast. He has led trips focused on birding, leopard, whale watching, primates, butterflies and photography. He has also led cultural heritage tours around his native land. In his spare time, Wicky likes cricket, rugby and motor sports, and spending time with his wife and two sons.

Upcoming Adventures with Wicky:
Sri Lanka Wildlife Safari

Praise from Nat Hab travelers:

C. Liguori

"Wicky is a delightful, respectful and kind man. He understands the culture and shared tremendous stories and histories of this beautiful country. He also possesses a great understanding of the wildlife (the behaviors of leopards and elephants especially) which awarded us with exceptional viewing of these great animals." 

G. Van Dyke
"Really, what can I say. I have come to expect so much from Nat Hab guides and yet our two Expedition Leaders, Wicky and Toby, exceeded even those expectations. Their combined scope of knowledge was impressive, and I loved their lack of ego and the way they deferred to each other's expertise. Their respect for one another, as well as their obvious friendship, was apparent. Their professionalism, the way they handled unexpected events, their concern and care for all travelers as well as their interaction with all others was impressive, but I would be remiss if I did not mention their humor. My stomach still hurts from laughing. Individually and as a team, Wicky and Toby were awesome."

L. Bolick
"Wicky and Toby were a great team! We were awfully lucky to have both of them—they were both so knowledgeable and interested in different things. It was wonderful having two experts—it made for engaging and well-rounded experiences." 

A. Zaletel

"Wicky and Toby were excellent Expedition Leaders and exceeded my expectations. They were super knowledgeable and always gave us their full attention. They also were extremely well organized, detail-oriented and helpful."

M. Breakiron-Evans
"Both Wicky and Toby were exceptional in every way and were delightful to travel with. They were extremely knowledgeable, good-humored and in tune with the individual interests and needs of each guest. I would travel with them again in a heartbeat!"
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