A year and a half of lockdowns and delayed plans have left many of us dreaming of our next great adventure. With countries across the globe now open to Americans, Nat Hab travelers are getting back into the field and immersing themselves in spectacular nature destinations once again. Here is what participants on our small-group tours have to say about traveling with Natural Habitat Adventures in utmost safety.

America’s Canyonlands

“I enjoyed revisiting a part of the country I fell in love with as a 13-year-old. I enjoyed a feeling of liberation after more than a year of limited social contact due to Covid. I enjoyed traveling with a congenial group of people and learning from the exceptional guides, who lived up to my highest expectations of expedition leadership. The Expedition Leaders took advantage of every opportunity to make our trip a richly satisfying experience for every participant.”

—John L., Grand Canyon, Bryce & Zion adventure

Canyons of the American Southwest


“Iceland is beautiful with very diverse landscapes. Best of all were the waterfalls, the Glacier Lagoon and photographing Icelandic horses. Due to Covid, we hadn’t gotten out much. We loved getting jump-started back into traveling and getting the cobwebs out of our systems!”

—Linda H., Iceland: Circling the Land of Fire & Ice

A photographer by one of Iceland's waterfalls.


“Everything about this trip was truly outstanding. Each magical day made me appreciate the beauty of unspoiled nature! Our guides were by far the best. As for safety concerns, I never felt so safe since Covid—great job. I have traveled a lot over the years, but I can say this is one of the best adventures I’ve ever taken.”

—Barbara P., Yellowstone Wolf & Wildlife Photo Safari

“I communicated to both Expedition Leaders that this was the best land-based tour I have been on. We saw more wildlife than I expected, which was due to the quest by both guides to search and modify plans based on their experiences. Both Expedition Leaders were outstanding in their coordination, knowledge and ability to have us experience wildlife on this safari. Everything was flawless, and we felt safe in each environment. Safety was always a top priority—there were no concerns whatsoever.”

—Hugh G., Yellowstone Wolf & Wildlife Photo Safari

“This trip went way beyond my expectations. I’ve traveled extensively on my own, and this was my first guided tour. I was blown away by the level of care, energy, communication, and attention to detail from the Nat Hab team, from office staff to our guides. They were extraordinary! Our Expedition Leaders’ depth of knowledge made this trip for me. We all felt totally comfortable with the safety precautions, which did not impede our experience in any way. And I’ve never been more comfortable. Will definitely travel with you again!

—Ellen V., Hidden Yellowstone & Grand Teton Safari

“Our guides worked the logistics brilliantly in a Covid environment, from our daily health checks to ensuring quality meals in the field. All locations were great, and kudos to the whole Nat Hab team for flowing with Covid protocols to make the trip successful. Both Expedition Leaders were exceptionally knowledgeable on the areas visited and provided terrific context and insights. We experienced wildlife viewing to the max, and their arrangement to meet a couple of local wolf experts was awesome!”

—Bryan M., Hidden Yellowstone & Grand Teton Safari

Natural Habitat Adventure's Wolf and Wildlife Safari

The Galapagos

“I think that of all elements on a trip like this one, the most critical is the people charged with taking care of you. The crew was simply outstanding, and our Expedition Leaders are now my two favorite and most memorable guides. Always and unfailingly, they had safety first at the top of their priority list. As a result, we always felt we were in good hands. When we went snorkeling, our guides made those new to the activity feel empowered, safe, and confident. I saw this especially with one individual who was very shy and a bit hesitant at first. By the end of the week, she had experienced wonderful snorkeling adventures!”

—Mary K., Galapagos Discovery: The Nat Hab Experience

“I enjoyed this trip so much that I booked another trip upon arrival back to a Wi-Fi area! I loved every moment—thank you for making my dream trips come true! I felt very safe with our Nat Hab Expedition Leaders and the ship crew. Thank you for all your assistance—I know you ALL work hard to make these trips stress-free, and I very much appreciate it.”

—Eiko Hariu, Galapagos Hiking & Kayaking Adventure

Snorkeling in the Galapagos.

Botswana and South Africa

“Our Expedition Leader was a DREAM! I have to be honest; I got a little teary-eyed when he left us safely at the airport ticket counter to check us in for our return flight home. He was beyond knowledgeable about ALL of the wildlife on our trip. He was GREAT with our two children. He treated everyone at every location with the utmost respect. I just can’t say enough good things about him. We worried about nothing with him in charge!”

—Anne M., Secluded South Africa

“This small-group tour was a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! I cannot express in words the positive impact this experience has had on me, both from a wildlife conservation perspective and a spiritual one. I was absolutely stunned by the luxurious accommodations that were provided. “Camp” is not an adequate word to describe these villas in the bush. Each camp had a different feel to it. It’s almost like going on four different vacations and made the time we spent in Botswana seem much longer than it actually was. I also really enjoyed the wild dogs. Seeing such a rare animal and observing it on its evening hunt was truly amazing.”

Our Adventure Concierge was very helpful and quick to respond to our inquiries. He helped us navigate the Covid testing questions and provided us reassurance on our expedited passport renewal process. This trip exceeded my expectations in every way!”

—Cynthia M., Secluded Botswana Safari

A family sees elephants on safari in Botswana

The Amazon

“I enjoyed our immersion in the watery realm of the Amazon, especially viewing pink dolphins feeding one afternoon from the deck of the Delfin! They were still in the tributary during our afternoon kayaking excursion. Our outstanding guides and local experts gave visual presentations on the people, animals and plants of the Amazon, which were very informative. Safety was a prime concern on all excursions and assistance was always given. The Delfin is an incredible vessel for experiencing the Amazon in comfort. Meals were prepared at a 5-star gourmet level.”

—Mary N., Great Amazon River Expedition

“I loved being out on the Amazon River with amazing guides, skiff drivers and animal spotters! The main lead of the Delfin crew said they loved working with Nat Hab and that it was a special company. They noted that Nat Hab was the only organization they work with that helped them financially during the Covid crisis. That makes me especially touched and happy that I could travel with such a company.”

—Diane P., Great Amazon River Expedition

Pink river dolphin in the Amazon


“On this expedition, we saw bears up close and understood more about their lives and behaviors. We also saw whales, seals, sea lions, otters, birds and a moose! I always felt safe and cared for and learned a tremendous amount. I liked being remote and off the grid and found the whole Ursus team utterly charming and professional in every way.”

—Dayle C., Alaska Grizzly Encounter: Kodiak to Katmai

“Our guide was at the top of the Expedition Leader profession. He has long-term experience with this ecosystem, superb knowledge and teaching skills, and such great passion for the bears and their habitat. He is the bear whisperer! My goal on nature immersion trips is to come to understand and then feel at home with the environment and its creatures, and our guide helped me achieve that. He didn’t only show us the bears; he gave us a unique view and appreciation of their lives. He helped us feel safe, aware and tuned in to a glorious example of deep wilderness. Bravo, and thanks!”

—Jim S., Alaska Grizzly Encounter: Kodiak to Katmai Photo Adventure

A photographer and grizzlies in Katmai


“This trip had long been on my bucket list, dating back to my 20 years spent teaching environmental studies. It was so special to actually be in the fir forests observing the monarchs and learning about the local efforts to preserve the habitat the butterflies require for their winter rest. Our guide did an excellent job of assessing the needs of each group member, and every effort was made to ensure Covid protocols were followed.”

—Mary N., Kingdom of the Monarchs

“The trip was truly memorable—I loved it! The staff was exceptional, and the experience of seeing and being among the monarchs is truly phenomenal. The food was outstanding. We had no safety concerns at all. Traveling in the time of Covid never felt safer.”

—Mary C., Kingdom of the Monarchs

Monarch butterflies congregate in Mexico


“Being able to do domestic travel and have this safari experience in Florida was fabulous. Each day was full of stunning sights and wonderful activities. How can I attempt to say what I enjoyed most? There were so many activities to choose from! I would say my favorites were kayaking, the helicopter flight, the seaplane ride and snorkeling! What I loved the most was the immersive nature experience with guides who know their stuff.”

Office staff came through with booking us and checking in on us before the trip. I’ve said it before, but Nat Hab is above and beyond other travel companies for personal service and contact. Thank you to all the adventure staff for making us feel like family each time we travel with you. I would do this trip again in a heartbeat.”

—Susan C., Florida Nature Safari


“Safety was at the highest level given Covid. I loved the small group, charter flights, having NO crowds and seeing four rhinos in a single day in the Mara. Our tented camps were better than anticipated, roomy and clean with comfortable beds and all the necessities.”

—Dudley H., The Great Kenya Migration Safari

A lioness with cubs in Kenya

Costa Rica

“The trip was so enjoyable that I could not pick one thing that was the best. Our guide was tremendous, the accommodations excellent, the food scrumptious, wildlife abundant, lack of crowds a bonus for us and the ability to travel safely a godsend. This trip was very safe!! I was impressed with the hand-washing stations everywhere, and the lack of crowds made for easy social distancing. Our guide was so knowledgeable about flora and fauna and helped me progress with my photography tremendously in a short time. Saying goodbye to this beautiful country was the hardest part!”

—Kathleen M., Natural Jewels of Costa Rica

A Nat Hab traveler in the Costa Rican jungle.