The images from the film “Terra Sacra” were taken between 2006 and 2012 during the filmmaker’s personal travels and assignments. ©From the video “Terra Sacra,” Sean F. White

Described as “An around-the-world journey celebrating our sacred Earth; six-years in the making … seven continents … 24 countries,” Terra Sacra—the six-minute film that you are about to see, below—is an unforgettable, time-lapse journey to our planet’s ancient monuments and most remote landscapes.

Photographed and edited by Sean F. White, with an original score by Roy Milner, the film’s images are divided into three acts: Primordial Earth, Past Meets Present and Eternal Universe. For a shot-by-shot breakdown, go to

You’ll recognize many of the scenes from Terra Sacra (which is Latin for “sacred Earth”) because you’ve probably visited several of them yourself on a Natural Habitat Adventures’ trip, such as:

  • El Karama and Laikipia Plateau, Kenya

If you haven’t yet seen much of this beautiful world for yourself, this film is sure to inspire you.

So go. Now.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,


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