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Himalayan Jewels: Bhutan & Nepal

Discover the Cultural & Wildlife Treasures of Two Historic Kingdoms
12 Days From $10595 (+internal air)
Geographically diverse Nepal contains the world's highest mountains, subtropical forests and captivating cultures. Safari drives reveal Nepal's rich wildlife as we search for sloth bears, leopards and rhinos that roam the jungle lowlands. In the nearby Kingdom of Bhutan, quality of life is measured in terms of Gross National Happiness rather than purely material measures. Though Bhutan is a tiny country, it is a global leader when it comes to environmental conservation and is proud to be not only carbon-neutral, but carbon-negative. Until fairly recently, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon” remained in splendid isolation, dedicated to preserving its deep Buddhist traditions and pristine landscapes. Visitor presence is still light, and a journey among its ancient monasteries, Himalayan peaks, glacial rivers and peaceable villages reveals Bhutan's singular beauty. 
    Taktsang Monastery, Paro, BhutanNarayani River, Chitwan National Park, NepalChitwan National Park, NepalThimphu, BhutanAsian elephants, Chitwan National Park, NepalWhite-throated kingfisher, Chitwan National Park, NepalBoudhanath Stupa, Kathmandu, NepalSloth bear, Chitwan National Park, NepalParo, BhutanBhutan takin, Thimphu, BhutanTaj Tashi Hotel, Thimphu, BhutanKyichu Lhakhang, Paro, BhutanHanuman langur, Chitwan National Park, NepalPunakha Dzong, Punakha, Bhutan

Trip Highlights

  • A Unique ItineraryJoin us on an insider’s discovery of two historic Himalayan kingdoms, with a unique focus on nature and wildlife in several starkly contrasting ecosystems 
  • Diverse Jungle WildlifeExplore Nepal's Chitwan National Park, home to Asian elephant, one-horned rhinoceros, sloth bear, spotted deer, golden jackal, elusive wild cats and more
  • Ancient Cultural TreasuresVisit Taktsang Monastery, Bhutan's famous “Tiger’s Nest” temple complex, steeped in legend and perched half a mile up on an impossibly sheer mountain cliff

Not Your Typical Himalayan Travel Experience...

Most trips to the Himalayas tend to be rather singularly focused: you'll spend most of your time exploring museums and monasteries, or you'll sign on for a taxing trek between high-altitude camps. What about an alternative for the traveler who's fascinated by both nature and culture, who values authenticity but also appreciates creature comforts? Nat Hab may have created your ideal adventure:

  1. A Unique Nature-Intensive Itinerary
    Our itinerary combines two countries and offers an unusual combination of Himalayan nature and culture rarely presented together as we do here. You'll search for native wildlife such as rare rhinos...and you'll experience each country's Buddhist and Hindu heritage expressed in rich architectural and religious sites. 
  2. Spend Three Days Tracking Wildlife in Nepal’s Lowland Jungle
    Nepal is known for its Himalayan heights, but its jungle lowlands—called the Terai—are where its most abundant wildlife resides. We stay at a remote luxury ecolodge ideally situated near Chitwan National Park, Nepal’s premier wildlife reserve. Our location near the park is where the best animal viewing occurs, and the lodge boasts high sightings of one-horned rhinoceros, crocodile and gharial. We may also see wild Asian elephant, leopard, sloth bear, wild boar, crocodile, sambar deer and monkeys—and, if we’re extremely lucky, the elusive Bengal tiger. 
  3. Visit Bhutan’s Motithang Takin Reserve
    While stunning mountainscapes and a rich heritage of Buddhist culture are arguably Bhutan’s greatest draws for the traveler, a visit to this wildlife reserve is a special highlight. The takin, a large, shaggy ungulate related to the muskox, is Bhutan’s national animal, and we’re likely to enjoy close-up views of it here, where we may also see sambar and barking deer.
  4. Enjoy Exceptional Birdwatching
    In addition to the array of mammals we are likely to spot, Chitwan abounds in bird species—more than 500 are found in the vicinity of our lodge—and we’re likely to see plenty in Bhutan as well. Even casual birdwatchers will enjoy the avian elements of this nature adventure. Bring your binoculars!
  5. A Diverse Itinerary Filled with Varied Activities
    This unusual trip includes a collage of activities: wildlife drives, guided nature walks and canoe rides in the natural areas we visit, plus cultural experiences in Kathmandu and Bhutan’s tranquil cities and monasteries. If you’re the kind of traveler who finds everything interesting, this trip is for you!
  6. Just 11 Travelers!
    Because we know that nature and authentic cultural experiences are best enjoyed in smaller groups, this trip accommodates approximately 11 guests. Our small group size assures you of intimate wildlife encounters and personalized interaction with the people we will meet. 
  7. Travel with Superlative Guides
    At Nat Hab, we’ve developed a global reputation for the world’s best guides, because we know guides are the key to making a good trip truly great. In Bhutan, our own Expedition Leader is paired with an outstanding local Bhutanese guide, ensuring the ideal complement of attentive personal service and insider insight. Our highly trained Expedition Leader oversees your trip from start to finish, while our knowledgeable local guides add in-depth understanding of local culture and wildlife. Our Expedition Leaders average 15 years of guiding experience—read our Expedition Leader bios and traveler comments regarding the quality of our leaders.
  8. Our Quality-Value Guarantee Ensures Your Outstanding Himalayan Adventure
    With Natural Habitat Adventures, you receive our exclusive guarantee, which clearly states that we will meet the high expectations we set forth in our promotional materials. To our knowledge, this is the most ambitious guarantee made by any adventure travel company. Read our important promise for yourself!
  9. Feel Good About Your Carbon-Neutral Journey
    We care deeply about our planet, as we know you do. When you travel with us, the carbon emissions from your trip are 100% offset—including your round-trip flights from home. Natural Habitat Adventures has been the world’s first carbon-neutral travel company since 2007.
  10. Natural Habitat Adventures is WWF’s Travel Partner
    Because of our commitment to environmentally friendly travel, as well as the exceptional quality of our small-group nature adventures, World Wildlife Fund, the world’s leading environmental conservation organization, has named Natural Habitat Adventures its worldwide travel partner—a designation that makes us exceedingly proud!
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