The beautiful lights from the aurora borealis are even more stunning from space. ©From the video “Time Lapse View from Space, Fly Over,” NASA

When we read about a rhinoceros species that just went extinct in Vietnam, or the plight of polar bears and how we could lose them in 40 years, or the countless other news items about continuing habitat degradation and the loss of biodiversity on Earth, well, it tends to get a little depressing.

So, on this Thanksgiving, instead of focusing on what we’re losing, it wouldn’t hurt to step back, take a day off and look at the big picture.

That’s just where the following film using photos from the International Space Station—taken from August to October 2011—will take you: to a grander view. Featured are shots of the aurora borealis and aurora australis.

Enjoy this perspective on what we do still have—this beautiful Earth.

Happy Thanksgiving,