Traveler Story: Northern Lights

Natural Habitat Adventures August 12, 2017 0

“Staying in Thompson along our train ride from Winnipeg to Churchill, Manitoba, we had just gone to bed in our hotel when the phone rang and our guide said he saw the aurora borealis.

Northern lights in Thompson

© Ralph Hayes

He asked us if we wanted to get up and take a car out of town to get a better view.

Northern lights display in Thompson, Canada

© Ralph Hayes

We felt like firemen going to a fire: boots, coats, long underwear – and cameras. We drove out of town for our first view of the northern lights.

Something we will never forget.”

A couple under the northern lights

© Ralph Hayes

Ralph Hayes | Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures | March 2017

Pies Falls near Thompson, Manitoba

© Ralph Hayes

Canada tour

© Ralph Hayes

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