“Friends ask us, ‘What was the highlight of your Grand India Wildlife Adventure?’

See wild Bengal tigers on an Indian safari

© D. Tallo and S. Youell

One day, we might say it was seeing five tigers—a male, ‘his lady’ and their three cubs. We will NEVER forget the male tiger’s warning growl that we were encroaching on his territory.

Another time, we might tell you it was the perfect early morning light shining on the baby elephants tagging along beside their mom at Kaziranga National Park, or seeing a mother rhino with her baby.

Or maybe the most exciting time was seeing the serpent eagle flying away with a snake (the missed photo!), or the cormorants fighting over a fish, or the sight and sound of the langurs playing in the trees, or the sloth bear ambling through the meadow.

Cormorant and catfish in India

© D. Tallo and S. Youell

Another fun experience was helping the mahout bathe his elephant—the elephant seemed to enjoy every minute of his ‘spa bath’ as much as we did. And then there was the very special early morning adventure to the Taj Mahal—there were very few people with great lighting, making it impossible not to get wonderful photographs, as well as special memories.

We cannot choose just one highlight, since there were so many experiences that culminated in another fantastic Natural Habitat adventure!”

— D. Tallo and S. Youell  |  The Grand India Wildlife Adventure, February 2017

Wild gibbon monkeys swinging through the trees in India

© D. Tallo and S. Youell

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A serpent eagle with a snake in India

© D. Tallo and S. Youell