“This was our third trip to Africa, and our first African safari with Nat Hab. It was by far our best experience in Africa, and our favorite trip any place in the world, because of the guides. And we have seriously been around the world, from Europe to South America to Nepal to China to India, etc.

Leopard yawning

© Joan & John DellaValle

Dave Luck was the main guide and Alex Mazunga was in training, but Nat Hab’s version of ‘in training’ is an experienced guide who hasn’t worked with them before. Both guides were knowledgeable, warm and truly wanted us to have a great safari experience. They were also both experts with the use of cameras and were there to help when needed.

African wild dogs

© Joan & John DellaValle

We spent one day following and watching a pack of wild dogs hunt and take down a kudu, which was a fabulous adventure for all of us. The guides also saw our enjoyment of the cats, so Alex led us to a den with three newborn cubs who hadn’t been introduced to the pack yet.

Lion pride drinking

© Joan & John DellaValle

We laughed when we got ‘stuck in the mud’ twice and had to rearrange our journey while they came and towed out one of the cars, because of the way they handled it. They were both tuned in to everything everyone in the group wanted or needed.

We were on The Great African River Safari and my husband loves to fish, so Alex and Dave made sure he had the opportunity to go fishing early every morning and every evening – and one of them always went with him.

Leopard in a tree

© Joan & John DellaValle

The accommodations were wonderful, the setting was great, but it was the guides who set the tone and the environment for everyone in our group to have a spectacular time.”

Joan DellaValle | The Great African River Safari | June 2017

Elephants in Botswana

© Joan & John DellaValle