Chimpanzees, one of the ‘Great Apes,’ are found throughout central Africa, where they spend their days eating fruit and climbing trees. These amazing creatures, who are so similar to humans, are currently endangered, with less than 300,000 left in the wild. Chimps face threats from illegal wildlife trade, where poachers capture wild chimpanzees and sell them as pets or as bushmeat.

Despite these threats, many conservationists are working hard to preserve wild populations. One method of conservation is bringing travelers to see chimpanzees in the wild, which helps local communities recognize the financial value of chimpanzees. World Wildlife Fund is also working to protect these endangered primates by monitoring populations, managing national parks and encouraging effective law enforcement for poaching.

Today, we want you to help us celebrate chimpanzees by spreading the word and learning more about our closest relatives. Take the quiz below to find out just how much you know about chimpanzees!