Natural Habitat Adventures employees pride ourselves on our dedication to conservation and sustainability initiatives. Rashel Gandhi, Adventure Concierge and Green Team member, embodies these exceptional qualities, and Nat Hab isn’t the only one who has noticed.

Rashel Ghandi was given two prestigious academic awards from the University of Colorado Boudler.

Rashel Gandhi was given two prestigious academic awards from University of Colorado Boulder.

This week, Gandhi will be awarded the Alice Brues award from University of Colorado Boulder for her research on human-wildlife conflicts in Tanzania. The award will be the second she’s received, following her recognition as the outstanding graduate of the College of Arts & Sciences in fall 2018.

“I grow more and more excited that these awards mean more recognition for a cause that will help regenerate natural resources while also protecting humans who rely on the land,” Gandhi said.

Her extensive honors thesis, focused on breaking down barriers between conservationists and indigenous communities, took two years of research to complete. In Tanzania, where Nat Hab runs multiple safaris, Gandhi concluded that greater cooperation between social scientists and wildlife conservationists would allow for protection of the environment in conjunction with the protection of human rights.

“Resources are most limited where habitat conservation is most widespread,” Gandhi explained. “Writing this thesis helped me vocalize that it is crucial that the fundamental rights of humans who have lost their land in the fight for preservation intertwine with global ecosystem prosperity.”

Elephants in Tanzania

Wild elephants in Tanzania. Photo Credit: Justin Gibson

Gandhi says this is exactly why she sought to work for a nature travel company that prides itself on its conservation initiatives. She quickly joined the Green Team, Natural Habitat Adventures’ volunteer-based employee group that is dedicated to consistently raising the bar on conservation in the office and in the travel industry. The Green Team tackles conservation initiatives, such as removing straws from trips and developing the World’s First Zero Waste Adventure.

“It is fantastic working with an organization that has a direct impact on wildlife conservation and contributes to the prosperity of local communities,” Gandhi said. “Natural Habitat Adventures has been leading in the field of ecotourism since its inception, focusing on creating new paths for bettering conservation worldwide. People go on these adventures, encounter wildlife, and then after these experiences, they truly understand the importance of protecting what they saw.”

Natural Habitat Adventures is thrilled to celebrate Gandhi’s conservation-related inquiry and her academic achievements.

Travelers in Tanzania

Photo Credit: Patrick Endres