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Sustainability & Conservation

At Natural Habitat Adventures, our product is conservation travel: life-transforming forays into the natural world that benefit wild habitats and the animals and people who live there. Our nature expeditions provide unparalleled access to the planet's most extraordinary wildlife, landscapes and cultures. We know travel has the power to protect nature, benefit communities and preserve cultural heritage—principles we view not only as our goal, but our responsibility.

Since Natural Habitat Adventures was founded in 1985, we have been a global leader in sustainable travel and ecotourism. Led by a team of passionate conservationists, our commitment to these principles runs deep within our company ethos and is manifested throughout our office and field operations. We’re proud to have initiated a number of “industry firsts,” and we continue to push our company and our partners to be sustainability leaders.

Learn more about our philosophy below, or browse the specific conservation and community initiatives Nat Hab is engaged with to protect our planet and its inhabitants.

A Bold Commitment
Natural Habitat Adventures is committed to being the leader in the field of conservation travel. We realize that being first in the area of conservation and sustainability is a bold and costly move, but it’s a challenge we are enthusiastic to tackle.

A Holistic Approach
We believe that sustainability must be approached from every angle of our operations. From our head office in Boulder, Colorado to our polar bear field operations in northern Canada, from our lodging choices in Africa to the communities supported by our philanthropic initiatives, we’re constantly scrutinizing every aspect of our business and supply chain to find opportunities for improvement. And we are not deceiving ourselves—we can always improve.

Raising the Bar on Conservation and Ecotourism
Sustainability is central to who we are, but it’s a constantly changing world out there. Cutting-edge conservation projects five years ago may be standard practice now. While we’re proud of our accomplishments, to achieve our goal of leading the industry, we must innovate, collaborate and constantly push ourselves to raise sustainability standards internally and across the industry.

Inspiring Others
Our goal isn’t simply to be the most culturally and environmentally responsible tour operator in the world, but to challenge other travel-related businesses to raise their standards as well. We’ve worked closely with our partners to share our successes and failures, and we regularly participate in industry conferences to promote best practices. If we can inspire others—partners and competitors alike (as well as our guests, of course)—to raise their sustainability standards, then we’ve achieved our most important goal.

A Work in Progress

We are very proud of the sustainability achievements we’ve made to date, but we also recognize the many opportunities that exist to push the bar higher. Sustainability is not a destination we reach once and then stop worrying about—so we’re working hard to ensure we do the best our resources will allow along every step of the journey. But we aren’t perfect, and if you’ve got a suggestion for ways we can improve further, we’d love to hear from you.

Offering a Helping Hand
Need help in setting up a sustainability program at your company? We’d be happy to help! Email us or call Ted Martens, Nat Hab’s Vice President of Marketing and Sustainability, at 800-543-8917.
Conservation & Sustainability Videos
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VIDEO: Go Green or Go Home

VIDEO: Go Green or Go Home

In January 2019, each of our 85 Boulder office employees received a new electric bike as a gift from Nat Hab Founder & President Ben Bressler!

VIDEO: Making Travel Meaningful

VIDEO: Making Travel Meaningful

Nat Hab Founder & President Ben Bressler explains how conservation travel has the power to protect wild places and the wild animals that depend on them.

Sustainability & Conservation

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