Spotting wolves in Yellowstone

© Moana Leong

“The first photo of my fellow travelers looking through spotting scopes really captured our daily routine on our Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari.

Elk in Yellowstone

© Moana Leong

We saw wolves four out of five days, with a total wolf count of 19 on our trip! On this day, we were watching 11 out of the 13 known wolves of the Pinnacle Peak Pack on January 31, 2017, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Mountain goat in Yellowstone

© Moana Leong

How our awesome Expedition Leaders, Kevin Taylor and Paul Brown, always spotted wolves and other wildlife at such a far distance was truly amazing. and is the reason our wolf and wildlife safari was appropriately described as ‘ultimate!’

I just had to also share the pure joy and happiness on our Expedition Leader Kevin Taylor‘s face, because this is just one moment captured of how much he truly loves doing what he does and sharing what he knows with us!

Expedition Leader Kevin Taylor

© Moana Leong

As a traveler, there’s nothing better than being with an Expedition Leader like this!

This is also true for Paul Brown (and also for Court Whelan, who led my Northern Lights & Arctic Cultures trip in March 2016).

It’s just that I happened to capture Kevin’s expression here!”

Moana Leong | Yellowstone: Ultimate Wolf & Wildlife Safari | January 2017

Pronghorn antelope

© Moana Leong