India_TajMahalAt some point in the life of every exotic traveler, he or she sets their sights on the striking and curious sub-continent of India. We’re guessing that you, as an intrepid traveler, would fall into that category.  And you just might be the perfect traveler for our specialized Wild India journey!

We are indeed “The Nature People,” so our Wild India expedition is a bit different than other companies’ trips.  It combines some of India’s most intriguing cultural and historical sites, such as the Taj Mahal and Kolkata, with several of nature’s most enthralling encounters.  Tracking tigers while riding on the backs of elephants in the Kanha Tiger Reserve will surely create a story that you will be able to tell for years!

India_ElephantsAs part of our Economic Climate Change Stimulus Plan, we have worked with our local hotels and lodges to bring to you a one-time only $1,000 discount per person on Wild India‘s February 12, 2010, departure when you book by December 31, 2009.

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