“I recently returned from Nat Hab’s Swimming with Mexico’s Whale Sharks excursion. Until I visited this Caribbean paradise, I had no idea that sea and sky could simultaneously produce so many shades of blue!

It is my time with the whale sharks, however, that will be forever etched in both my memory and heart. You can listen to a whale sharks webinar, watch a video, and read all the literature, but NOTHING can prepare you for the profound—I’d even call it sacred—experience of swimming with those gentle giants. It is a trip such as this that leaves you with an enhanced commitment to live a lifestyle that ensures that all Earth’s magnificent creatures—from the biggest to the smallest—have a future.

Nat Hab’s enduring commitment to socially and environmentally responsible travel, as well as its unmatched ability to simultaneously enthrall, educate, and inspire, gives me hope that I will not be the last generation to see wildlife in the wild. If it is true that we protect what we love, and love what we know, then thank you, Nat Hab, for introducing me to a magical new friend. I can’t wait for my next new acquaintance!”

— Maureen Penman | Swimming with Mexico’s Whale Sharks | August 2017