A bull moose resting among the trees.

A bull moose resting among the trees.

“This was my second trip with Nat Hab and the first time I had ventured to choose the photo itinerary. I thought I would be out of my depth, teaming up with “photo experts.” I consider myself to be an “okay” photographer but certainly no expert. I needn’t have worried about that because the Expedition Leader, John Stephenson (a great photographer himself), put me completely at ease with his calm approach. He helped advise me on camera settings, photo composition, focus points, etc. Above all, he knew the back roads well and where to stop for excellent photo opportunities. Often, we would be the only people there so we could take pictures without interference from others.

Grand Prismatic Pools in Yellowstone.

Grand Prismatic Pools

Even though the weather in Yellowstone was not great—rainy and misty—the trip turned out well as photo opportunities presented themselves in unexpected areas. We saw amazing sights; enough to wow my friends back home.

Mammoth Springs in Yellowstone.

Mammoth Springs

Mammoth Springs was a real highlight for me—wonderful colors against a dark gray stormy sky. It is difficult to describe Mammoth to others; it looks like snow or a slow exposure waterfall, but it’s neither. One has to see it to believe it.

Coming from Africa, it was great to see bison, which are very different from buffalo but equally as impressive. We also saw moose, elk, mule deer, black bears, many small mammals and 36 bird species.

A shaggy bison in Yellowstone.

Wolves were also on my wish list, but I wasn’t all that hopeful about seeing them. As it turned out, we saw wolves on two occasions (thanks John!), once in the distance devouring a kill and a second time running around howling to one another.

It might sound strange, but for my wife and I, playing in freshly fallen snow was also a highlight. Snow is seldom experienced back home in South Africa.

Nat Hab travelers pose in the snow in Yellowstone.

Playing in the snow in Bear Tooth Pass.

Nat Hab is a great company to tour with. They look after you from start to finish, providing excellent accommodations, amazing food, comfortable transportation, personalized service and everything in-between.

We look forward to our next trip booked with Nat Hab—this time to Madagascar.”

— Steve Blake from Johannesburg, South Africa | Hidden Yellowstone Photo Safari

All Photos © Steve Blake