Cats and dogs do seem to come from different planets; and helping their humans doesn’t seem to “be a thing” on Planet Cat.

When it comes to our closest animal friends—our pets—it seems like dogs have all the luck. We take them out for walks and on car rides, we let them jump into our canoes for nature outings and generally let them tag along with us anywhere they’re allowed to go. We even read bedtime stories about them to our children, tales about heroic dogs such as Old Yeller, Balto, Rin Tin Tin and Hachiko.

When it comes to house cats, however, I’m at a loss to think of a single book that casts one in a hero guise—this even though the Humane Society of the United States estimates that there are approximately 93.6 million owned cats in the country as opposed to 77.5 million owned dogs. So, since I’ve talked about the close connection we humans have to our pet dogs in this column, I feel it’s only fair that I give some “airtime” to the nation’s most numerous pet.

Although the sad fate of big cats in the wild is nothing to joke about, this tongue-in-cheek, 30 seconds of looking at the different “style” our cats would bring to the iconic “Timmy-fell-down-the-well” dog story is worth a smile. Like many of you, I happen to share my home with cats and dogs, and I’ve found both to be excellent companions. But I have to admit that felines and canines do seem to come from different planets, as the following video of “Cat Lassie” so succinctly portrays.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,