Video: A 680 Mile Journey Through the Amazon

WWF August 22, 2014 2

What does it feel like to travel over 600 miles through the Amazon? The world’s largest rain forest and its rivers comprise a complex realm where even the teeniest insect, seemingly invasive vine and inhibited bird all serve important roles.

A traveler recorded travelers taking in the Amazon for the first time and shared them with us.  See for yourself what it feels like to travel over 600 miles through the Amazon with WWF & NatHab.

Travel to the Amazon with WWF & NatHab


  1. D. September 3, 2014 at 11:36 am - Reply

    So this is what traveling over 600 miles of Amazon looks like? A band playing, people eating, and a few seconds of playing with children and swimming in the river? Where are the views of the Amazon? I can see a band anywhere.

    • Tania Segura September 8, 2014 at 1:29 pm - Reply

      Hi D.,

      This video doesn’t completely capture what it looks like to travel 600 miles over the Amazon River. Travelers soaked in 600 miles of the winding river and the creatures that live within it, every waking moment.

      This video, taken by a traveler, captures the cultural experience, the local staff you get to meet (the band featured in the video is also the boat crew, your local staff naturalists and expedition leader–a talented bunch!) and the type of people you’ll get to travel with, all of which add to the unforgettable nature of the trip. Unfortunately the video wasn’t able to capture the Amazon river dolphins that swam around the travelers as they swam in the tributary! We hope to keep getting wonderful video footage that includes the wildlife travelers get to see, footage that is able to capture each destination with more accuracy to keep inspiring you and others to continue to love nature and people.

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