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This gorgeous tiger from England’s Dudley Zoo has been chosen as the face of this year’s International Tiger Day tomorrow, July 29, 2014. The Sumatran tigress, Daseep, is vital in bringing her species back from the brink and is rated as the world’s second most important genetic Sumatran female. She will be critical in bringing back a wild tiger population of less than 3,500 worldwide, with only a staggering about 140 Sumatran tigers left in the wild. Her striking image led us to share some of our favorite tiger photos along with some interesting facts about the endangered big cats!

1. This little guy is quite introspective!

International Tiger Day, tiger cub, adorable, cute, fluffy, inquisitive, baby animals

Tiger Cub – Howletts Wildlife Park, Kent, England – Sunday October 19th 2008. ©Keven Law

Did you know that on average, tigers give birth to 2-3 cubs in each litter?

2. Mom says enough play time for today!

International Tiger Day, tiger cub, mother tiger, scruff of the neck, river, India, Natural Habitat Adventures

Mama tigress carrying infant cub directly in front of guests on Nat Hab’s India wildlife photo safari. Photo credit: Rita Russell

On average, tigers give birth every 2-2.5 years. If all the cubs in one litter die, a second litter may be produced within 5 months.

3. Somebody’s asking, ” Is it Monday already?”

International Tiger Day, tiger yawning, canine teeth, pink tongue

©Eric Kilby via Flickr

Males of the largest tiger subspecies, the Amur (Siberian) tiger, may weigh up to an impressive  660 pounds!

4. This guy sure enjoys taking a nice afternoon dip!

International Tiger Day, tiger swimming, half submerged, India, Natural Habitat Adventures

©Mark Hickey

Did you know that a full-grown tiger can consume up to 88 pounds of meat at one time!?

5. This Sumatran tiger can’t help but look regal

International Tiger Day, regal Sumatran tiger, resting, at peace, wilderness, beautiful stripes

©Dupan Pandu via Wikimedia Commons

Tigers have been known to reach the grand old age of 26 years in the wild!

6. Picture time, “CHEESE!!!”

International Tiger Day, hilarious tiger cub, mewing, smiling, cheese, baby animals

Young tiger cub at Burgers’ Zoo via Wikimedia Commons

Sadly, only about half of all tiger cubs survive for more than two years.

7. “Come here, you!”

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Tigers generally gain independence at two years of age and attain sexual maturity at 3-4 years for females and at 4-5 years for males.

Learn how our partners at the World Wildlife Fund are doing all that they can to help conserve tiger populations around the world, and if you want to do your part to protect this majestic animal you can find out how at the official International Tiger Day website!

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