According to World Wildlife Fund, African lions have lost 90 percent of their historic range, and lion numbers have crashed from as many as 200,000 lions just 100 years ago, to approximately 20,000.

Recent new technology has allowed us to get a glimpse into other creatures’ lives like never before. It seems that every day, we’re learning more about the incredible feats—and the normal days—of the beings who share the planet with us.

One of the newer devices used to peer into the lives of animals is the “Crittercam.” Crittercams are affixed, for a time, to individual animals, as close to eye level as possible so you gain the animal’s point of view. In the National Geographic video that follows, you’ll get to know—for a few moments, anyway—what it’s like to be a lioness in Kenya, as you see what she sees in a normal day.

You’ll be astounded by the nuzzling and closeness of her family. We should all be so lucky.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,