Welcome to the wonderful world of podcasts! Especially ones that deal with nature, wildlife, conservation and travel—all topics we care dearly about.

There are so many great podcasts available now that provide in-depth coverage of everything from travel trends to conversation efforts to wildlife encounters that you’ll be spoiled for choice. To help narrow down your listening options, here are 15 podcast recommendations that will keep you entertained for months on end. Including some great suggestions from Nat Hab staff members.

Think you don’t have time for podcasts? We like to tune in while running errands, at the gym, on dog walks, cleaning the house or cooking dinner!

1. World Wildlife Fund’s Nature: BreakingWWF Nature Breaking podcast logo

Tune in for WWF’s expert take on everything affecting the natural world, from climate change to wildlife conservation and everything in between. Topics big and small related are addressed by scientists, engineers, business leaders and people working with communities and organizations to help preserve nature. Recent discussions have included how forests affect our health and ending the flow of plastic waste into nature. Listen now.

Ologies with Allie Ward podcast logo 2. Ologies

If there’s an -ology out there, host Alie Ward has either already discussed it on her show (or plans to soon). The award-winning science correspondent, who also works for television networks CBS and CW, hosts this comedic science show that was named among Time magazine’s top 50 podcasts. She makes learning fun and funny. Listen now.

“Ologies with Alie Ward is a hilarious take on the sciences. She can make anything interesting, even to non science geeks!” says Nat Hab’s own Mark Jordahl. As a conservation travel writer and editor, he’s surely added a few -ologies to his vocabulary, and you can too!

The Wild Photographer with Court Whelan podcast logo3. The Wild Photographer

In this photo-focused podcast, Court Whelan, Nat Hab’s chief sustainability officer, combines his love for conservation travel and travel photography. Each episode takes a deep dive into aspects of nature photography that you can work on right away, whether you’re an amateur photographer or a seasoned professional. From how to take intimate wildlife portraits to the best techniques for photographing sunrise and sunset to what to pack in your camera bag for an African safari, Court has you covered. Listen now.

Interested in photography? Get more wildlife photo tips on The Natural Photographer Blog and check out Nat Hab’s special photo trips.

The Wild with Chris Morgan podcast logo4. The Wild with Chris Morgan

From lynx and wolverines to woodpeckers and sea otters, Morgan covers a lot of ground in these quick, half-hour episodes. He delves into the interaction between nature and humans, our complex ecosystems, and the people working to protect our wild world. The British-American ecologist and conservationist has millions around the world tuning in to listen to each episode. Listen now.

“Chris Morgan may very well be the next David Attenborough! The beaver episode is a personal favorite,” says Nat Hab social media manager Dana Cama.

BBC Earth podcast logo5. BBC Earth

Anything from the BBC is bound to be quality, but this podcast is one of the best to tune in to if your interests lie in protecting the planet and the many species that call it home. Listen now.

“Each episode is several smaller segments along the same theme (animals that display teamwork, safari-ing in your hometown, rituals in the animal kingdom, etc.). They often incorporate interviews with local experts, and they always include amazing, high-quality nature sounds and fun accents!” shares Nat Hab destination manager Charlie Thurston.

Humans of Travel podcast logo6. Humans of Travel

Take a closer look at the people in the travel industry and the work they do in this podcast produced by  TravelAge West. Exceptional stories, exceptional people and exceptional travel experiences are in store. From farm living and the cruise industry to life as a culinary writer and an air traffic controller’s on-the-job stories, you’re in for a treat. Listen now.

After the Breach podcast logo7. After the Breach

If the name wasn’t a sure giveaway, this is a podcast for whale enthusiasts by whale enthusiasts. Your hosts are professional guides and whale watchers who discuss all things whale. Past topics have included the return of humpback whales to the Salish Sea, social dynamics among Bigg’s killer whales, recent orca research, and documentaries like Blackfish and Corky. Listen now.

Insider tip: If you like this podcast, you may also enjoy the Breaching Extinction podcast, which focuses solely on the Southern Resident killer whale population.

Voices of Regeneration podcast logo8. Voices of Regen by Regeneration Projects

This podcast is a favorite for Nat Hab operations coordinator Josie Reed. “Episodes explore the regeneration movement in business and feature some cool discussions from experts in Australia, Aotearoa New Zealand and around the planet. The podcast discusses innovative ideas and aims to empower and challenge people to approach sustainability in a more holistic way. Every time I listen to an episode, I find myself thinking about my personal and professional sustainability goals and ways to use systems thinking, community action and collaboration to work toward a better future.” Listen now.

Far Flung podcast logo9. Far Flung

This is a podcast about travel—but it’s not your everyday take on travel. Journalist and filmmaker Saleem Reshamwala gets creative with the stories he shares about the people and places that make our world special. Think: Uyghur boxers of Istanbul, Nepali bridges and Somali mixtapes. Enticed yet? We are too! Listen now.

Rewildology podcast logo 10. Rewildology

A former Nat Hab staffer, Brooke Mitchell-Norman is a conservation biologist and adventure traveler. On Rewildology, she speaks to experts on conservation, sustainability and saving the planet and wildlife. There are more than 100 episodes to tune in to, exploring topics such as saving sloths, translocating cheetahs, biomimicry and more. Listen now.

“Brooke is incredibly knowledgeable and approachable. She’s brought on some amazing experts who discuss a wide array of topics—big and small, known and not so widely known. And she’s very passionate about conservation,” shares Nat Hab senior marketing manager Kendal Bower.

Rewildology podcast episode featuring Nat Hab Expedition Leader Colby Brokvist

Check out episode 67 of Rewildology, featuring Nat Hab Expedition Leader Colby Brokvist!

Overheard at Nat Geo podcast logo11. Overheard at National Geographic

Yes, Nat Geo has a podcast too! Everything travel, adventure, exploration and inspiration is guaranteed when you tune in to Overheard. In 2022 alone, the show covered how Black climbers are closing the adventure gap, the Indigenous practice of fighting fire with fire, saving manta rays, and preserving the Parisian wonder of Notre Dame. Hosts Amy Briggs and Peter Gwin ensure you won’t leave without learning something truly valuable from each episode. Listen now.

The RISE Traveler podcast logo12. The RISE Traveler

Produced by the non-profit RISE Travel Institute, this podcast is targeted at mindful travelers who want to focus on responsible, impactful, sustainable, and ethical travel, and who view the act of travel as a transformative and educational experience. Recent topics have explored diversity, equity, and inclusion; regenerative travel; animal welfare; the refugee crisis; and many more socially conscious topics. Listen now.

Wild and Exposed podcast logo13. Wild & Exposed

That’s what you get when a group of talented wildlife photographers and filmmakers band together to bring you their adventures in podcast form. Get outdoors and into the wild with this expert bunch as they explore different destinations, the wildlife that inhabits these spaces, and the equipment and techniques they use to capture magical moments in nature. You’ll leave viewing everything through a new lens. Listen now.

Armchair explorer podcast logo14. Armchair Explorer

Hear from some of the most adventurous travelers in the world as they journey through some of the most breathtaking landscapes on the planet. Live vicariously as you go deep sea diving, trek across Africa, bike around the world, or climb the seven summits. Each traveler narrates their personal experience in the outdoors, making for an intimate experience. Listen now.

Skift Daily Briefing podcast logo15. Skift Daily Briefing

If the business of travel is more up your alley, then trusted industry outlet Skift has you covered. These bite-sized briefs, usually 3–4 minutes long, share daily updates on the cruise industry, airlines, vacation rentals, hotel brands and more. Listen now.