Been to the Back of Beyond? Tackled the Ultima Thule? If you’ve traveled with Natural Habitat Expeditions, you might have! Because our whole mission is to unveil exciting and unusual destinations to travelers with a serious sense of adventure.

If you’re reading our blog — even as an armchair vagabond — we bet you know your way around the world better than most folks. So here’s your chance to prove it.

Below are 10 destinations that Natural Habitat Expeditions travels to, as part of our global slate of unusual adventures. So, even if these places seem too far “off the beaten path” to succeed at our quiz, you can find all the answers on our website!!

Name the country that each location lies within. Reply with your answers in the Comments field below, and we will contact you if you are the first person to get all 10 correct, so we can send you your free T-shirt!

1. Masoala National Park
2. Zhupanova River
3. Sermilik Fjord
4. Ushuaia
5. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave
6. Tbilisi
7. Douro River
8. Luang Prabang
9. Elaphiti Islands
10. Post Office Bay

And now… check out our website and start planning your next trip to one of the above! Then stump your friends, when they ask you where you are going!

Yours for real adventure,