Thanks to everyone who took a stab at our obscure geography trivia quiz! We’re not kidding when we say Natural Habitat Expeditions runs trips to the lesser-known parts of the planet.

And congrats to Michael Ferrara, who was the first person to correctly name the home country for each of the 10 locations on our “Where in the World?” quiz. We’ll be sending Michael an Natural Habitat Expeditions T-shirt for his efforts.

While several entrants got close, Michael accurately named all 10 countries — it wasn’t enough, for instance, to know that Post Office Bay is in the Galapagos or that the Zhupanova River runs through Siberia. Kudos to those who got these specific regions, but to win, you had to also identify Ecuador and Russia as the actual countries.

Here’s a recap — the destination, plus the country:

1. Masoala National Park — MADAGASCAR
2. Zhupanova River — RUSSIA, on the Kamchatka Peninsula in Siberia
3. Sermilik Fjord — GREENLAND
4. Ushuaia — ARGENTINA
5. Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave — BELIZE
6. Tbilisi — GEORGIA, as in Republic of, capital city
7. Douro River — runs through PORTUGAL & SPAIN. EC floats the Portugal portion.
8. Luang Prabang — capital city of LAOS
9. Elaphiti Islands — CROATIA
10. Post Office Bay — on Floreana Island in ECUADOR’s Galapagos

Surely this exotic list has whetted your appetite for an exciting, ‘path less traveled’ global adventure… Check out all of these, plus our full array of exciting expeditions on our website, and get planning!

Happy Travels,