Be forewarned: the prescription medication called “Nature” may cause spontaneous euphoria and decrease work-induced catatonia. ©From the video “‪Nature Rx,” 2015‬‬

By now, you’re probably well versed in the many scientific studies out there that provide proof of how your health improves when you spend time in green settings and the benefits you accrue by going outdoors for at least several minutes every day. But what all those scientific reports sometimes lack is a dose of fun.

A remedy for that is the video below, titled Nature Rx. In the belief that nature has a marketing problem, the makers of this commercial spoof present research findings in an entertaining way. By creating this very short, funny flick, they hope to make you more aware of how spending time outdoors will add to your well-being.

In the past few years, several scientific studies have shown that spending time in green settings improves your health and feeling of well-being. ©From the video “‪Nature Rx,” 2015‬‬

In the video, the narrator suggests that if you are jaded or emotionally numb to ask your doctor right away about getting a prescription for a drug called “Nature.” Be careful, though: side effects could cause you to slow down, take yourself less seriously, put you in a good mood for no apparent reason and experience spontaneous euphoria. Nature may also reduce your feelings of cynicism, meaninglessness and murderous rage. (Fine-print disclosure: For euphoria lasting more than four hours, it is recommended that you check your work e-mail and consult your doctor.)

So, please, ask him or her if Nature is right for you.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,