Remember that video that went viral a few weeks ago, of the boy teaching his adorable husky puppy how to howl?  Turns out that the Alaskan Malamute/Siberian Husky, named Belka, is from Churchill, Manitoba—the location of our polar bear tours!  She’s become quite the Churchill sensation in the last few weeks, as the video has now reached over 5 million views on YouTube and received play on websites like Buzzfeed and Huffington Post.

We recently discovered a lesser-known video of Belka howling, this one at just 12-days old.  We think it’s every bit as delightful as the video that went viral!

Her owner, Patricia Kandiurin, commented on YouTube that Belka means squirrel in Russian.  Belka’s mother, Laika (means barker in Russian), was named after the brave dog who was the first living creature sent into space on Sputnik II in 1957.

In case you weren’t one of the 5+ million people to view the other video of Belka getting her howl on, here’s your chance!

You can visit with Churchill huskies on a dog sledding excursion on one of our polar bear trips!