One filmmaker found a way to get back at those who use their cell phones in very public places, such as at the airport. ©Video by Mediocre Films

Lately, it seems as if we’re encountering more and more bad behavior when we travel. And one of the most annoying habits people engage in that we’ve all had to endure at one time or another is a loud, cell phone talker in a public place, such as in an airport. There’s nothing pleasant about having to sit or stand at a crowded gate while you endure flight delay after flight delay—and, on top of it, be forced to listen to the one-sided discourse of the guy next to you. If only there was a way to let people know you really don’t care to be part of their private conversations.

Greg Benson of Mediocre Films thinks he’s found it. When he spots someone at the airport talking on a cell phone, he parks himself beside the offender and pretends to be having his own phone conversation—but then begins answering the person next to him. He calls it “cell phone crashing.”

Luckily, those with a sense of humor find it all in good fun. ©Video by Mediocre Films

Watch the video below. While the people in this clip aren’t being particularly obnoxious, it does make you wonder how this method would work with those who are; especially loud talkers who venture out into serene, natural places but who refuse to turn off their electronic devices and who still answer phone calls. And while I wouldn’t suggest you attempt to use this tactic on your own—Greg has a comic knack for it—it is fun to watch how a master does it.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,