“The trip to India was fantastic. We saw six tigers, including a mother with two cubs. The first sighting was especially thrilling, partly just because she was the first, but also because of her stunning beauty and poise as she strolled casually toward us, but the others were just as beautiful. All the sightings were in Bandhavghar National Park, the first park we visited.

Wild tiger in India

The hunts themselves were exciting even when we didn’t find tigers, and we saw many rhinos and monkeys, several jungle cats and golden jackals, and all manner of deer and birds. The variety and abundance of eagles was particularly striking: they seemed to be everywhere.

Wild bird in India

There also were many plumb-headed, ring-necked and Alexandrine parakeets, kingfishers, and other lovely small birds such as scarlet minivets, rollers, racquet-tailed drongos and purple sunbirds. There were sarus cranes in the fields driving back to Delhi from Agra. ‘Red cotton silk’ trees were in full bloom in Kaziranga and swarmed with jungle babblers and mynahs. The parks were remarkably clean and seemed seriously committed to protection of the wildlife and flora. Our guide was excellent, with a great sense of humor to complement his skills at spotting wildlife and easing our way through airports.”

— B. and P. Parson, The Grand India Wildlife Adventure

Wild parrots in India

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Wild langur monkeys in India