“Loved seeing the polar bear cubs with mama bear, especially when the cub was playing with the frozen kelp. It was like a frozen block: he tossed it up in the air, threw it down, and when it landed in the water, he walked over to a mound of snow and buried his snout in the snow until about half of his body was deep into the snow and all you saw was his back end.

Another story I like to tell is about the drunken male bear. He was sleeping, and when he awoke he looked around, then went back to sleep, just like someone who was drunk! Then when he awoke again, he stretched all of his limbs into the air, then rolled over into a fetal position and went back to sleep. He just didn’t want to be bothered with the world!”

— Loretta Kaczorowski | Classic Polar Bear Adventure  | November 2017

Polar Bear Stretching

Sled dogs in Churchill


Polar bear mother and cub in Churchill

Polar bear cub and mother in Churchill

All photos © Loretta Kaczorowski.