Sally Lightfoot Crab in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands, or “Enchanted Isles,” are, indeed, enchanted. Magical, mystical, magnificent. I’ve heard this from other travelers, but until I stepped foot on the islands, I simply didn’t understand the depth of that truth.

The camaraderie of our group started on day one, when one of our fellow travelers overslept. Our guide, who bore a striking resemblance to our former president, went to check on him. He knocked on the door several times with no response. Finally, the guide went into his room and firmly called out his name. Startled, our new friend had two fleeting thoughts: “Where in the world am I?” and “Why is President Obama waking me up?” When asked how deeply his earplugs were inserted into his ear canal, he responded, “They were touching.” We immediately knew the trip would have a good bit of humor.

Sea Lion and Land Iguana

Blue-footed boobies

We hiked, kayaked and snorkeled our way through this spectacular archipelago. Each stop had unique characteristics, and every color of the rainbow shone brightly in the diverse wildlife. Memories were made at every turn; from a turtle enthusiastically digging its nest to the comical mating ritual of the blue-footed booby. To stand and marvel at the contrast of the impossible colors of the Sally Lightfoot Crab against the ebony lava rocks. And the stargazing! Watching the night sky was the perfect way to celebrate each unforgettable day.

The Galapagos Islands (and Nat Hab!) have left an indelible mark on my heart—el viaje de la vidas!

By Nat Hab traveler D. Fischer | Galapagos Hiking and Kayaking Adventure

Sea Lions on the Beach in the Galapagos Islands

All photos © D. Fischer