“The trip to Borneo was spectacular, and we enjoyed every minute. The orangutans were special, the insects out of this world, and the birds gave us a show every time, but the highlight of our trip was to witness the birth of a clutch of baby green sea turtles on the beach at Selingan Turtle Island.

We were lucky to be the only ones at the beach that afternoon when these little fellows started to come out of the sand and began their mad rush to the ocean. It was like something out of a TV documentary, right in front of our eyes. Fortunately, I had been snorkeling a few minutes before and I was able to capture several pictures.

All in all, it was a great trip—as it has been for every one of our trips with NHA.”

— Jaime Lozano | The Wilds of Borneo: Orangutans & Beyond | 2017

Endangered sea turtles hatching

Baby sea turtles hatching

Baby green sea turtles hatching

Baby green sea turtles walking on a beach in Borneo

Baby green sea turtle in the ocean