© Elissa Liebowitz Poma/WWF-US

© Elissa Leibowitz Poma/WWF-US

“Most afternoons at the Xigera Camp on the Okavango Delta, the other guests would retreat to their water-view bungalows to escape from the afternoon sun and rest. I took advantage of the quiet to sit on the verandah overlooking a delta channel and make this painting. The fringing papyrus is what initially attracted me. One of Xigera’s guides, Onx, soon joined me on the deck. He had never painted before, so while working on this piece, I showed him how to paint. We sat for an hour, swatting at mosquitos and shooing away the vervet monkeys that kept trying to steal items from the bar. When we were finished, we exchanged paintings. I have his painting framed and hanging in my studio to remind me of that lovely, quiet afternoon in the Okavango.”

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By Elissa Leibowitz Poma, WWF Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications (and also an artist outside of work)