“The entire trip was exceptional. Everything was extremely well-scheduled and proceeded without a hitch. Special thanks to our Expedition Leader, Francis Kudumo, he was amazing in assuring everyone could spot the animals and experience their habitats while feeling safe in very close proximity.

One night, while being escorted to our tents, we walked up on a 16-foot bull elephant standing in the path grazing on a bush. We calmly took refuge under a nearby structure until the elephant left. At that point, it all became quite real: having a face to face encounter with such a giant animal. Again, thanks for such a great experience!”

— Robert Braun | Secluded Botswana Safari | June 2017

Lioness in Botswana

Mokoro canoe in the Okavango Delta

Rhino mother and calf in Botswana

Mongoose in Botswana

Stork in the Okavango Delta

All photos © Robert Braun.