We at Nat Hab call ourselves The Nature People because we are nature travel and ecotourism experts.  Watch this truly inspiring video about one of the ultimate Nature People, Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mt. Everest 50 years ago.  Our favorite quote from the video:

“To have a life well-lived, I think, is to give back, to enjoy as much of the planet as you can, to learn as much about yourself so that when you check out you know pretty much that you’ve done everything you can to be at good at something, at anything, that you can, and to contribute to the longevity of the planet so that your children and their children and their children will be able to enjoy as much as you do this magical and wonderful planet.”

Maybe climbing Mt. Everest is a long-shot, but this video sure does make me want to get on the next plane to Nepal to see the Himalayas on a Nepal safari!  What does having a “life well-lived” mean to you?