Glacier National Park, Montana

How could anyone complain about a vista like this? Glacier National Park. (c) Christy Lavoie

In honor of National Parks Week, we wanted to share an article from Adventure Journal that had our office roaring with laughter last week: The 17 Best Bad Reviews of National Parks on Yelp.

How could someone give anything less than a stellar review of America’s most beautiful natural treasures, you ask?  According to these hilarious Yelp reviews, apparently National Parks are not for everyone.  But maybe that’s a good thing, because it keeps the crowds down for the rest of us nature-lovers!

Below are a few of our favorites from the list.  We hope you get a chuckle out of them as much as we did. (Note: these are shortened excerpts from the real reviews.) 

Mount Rainier National Park
Review 1
Grand Canyon National Park
Review 2

Yellowstone National Park
Review 3

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