Remember those cheerful Coca Cola commercials with the super-cute polar bears?  Well, Coca Cola’s CEO Muhtar Kent recently journeyed up to Churchill, Manitoba, with the president of the World Wildlife Fund, Carter Roberts, to see the real deal.

Polar bears have become the poster child of global warming, and Kent is all too aware of that fact.  He is now a prominent advocate for regulation of carbon emissions and was present at the recent Copenhagen summit.  Fortune Magazine sat down with him during the global summit to discuss how Coca Cola is working to improve its environmental sustainability.  Here’s a quote from him regarding what he saw in Churchill:

“There were a lot of hungry polar bears waiting for the ice,” he said. “They were coming out of hibernation, they’d been on land for months, and they can’t feed unless they are on ice. The ice was late in forming, and we saw that with our own eyes.”

You can read the whole article here (it’s really interesting!):