Close-up photo of a polar bear standing on its hind legs

© Glen Delman

Meet “The King of the Arctic,” the mighty polar bear—in photos and on a Tundra Lodge Photography Expedition! At Natural Habitat Adventures, we believe that experiencing these majestic, yet severely threatened, animals in the wild motivates people to care about the bears and support polar bear conservation efforts.

What better way to get to know and appreciate the magnificent polar bear than through some of our—and your—favorite photos. Here are some of our recent top picks.

Every fall, the world’s greatest concentration of polar bears convenes at the edge of Hudson Bay, where they wait for the sea ice to form and their winter seal hunting season to begin.

© Henry H. Holdsworth


Polar bear mother and cubs in Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

© Michael Poliza

Experience wild polar bears firsthand on a Churchill photography expedition, with exclusive stays at our Tundra Lodge. This custom rolling hotel is ideally located in prime polar bear habitat, giving you unmatched opportunities for close-up polar bear pictures! These small group adventures are led by our award-winning Expedition Leaders, professional photographers who provide you with expert tips for getting wall-worthy images of polar bears.

If you’ve already visited the polar bears of Churchill, please send us your wildlife photos to share your polar bear pictures with the world!