Most of the time, when I am out in the field on Nat Hab nature trips, the focus is on wildlife. On our Northern Lights and Arctic Cultures tour, the focus was on the mind-blowing lights of the aurora borealis.

Where to See the Northern Lights

© Wendy Klausner

The dancing lights whipped across the starry sky above, to the right and to the left, like rippling curtains of color. As our group sat comfortably in the Aurora Domes while sipping wine, we would collectively gasp at the wondrous display overhead. It reminded me of the sounds people make when viewing fireworks displays. Since there were few other visitors in town during that time of the year, we got a chance to get to know some of the locals in Churchill and learn about life in this remote town in northern Manitoba, Canada.

Even though I had already been to Churchill twice before to see the polar bears, I had never gotten the chance to watch the northern lights prior to this trip in early 2016. Pure magic!

This guest post was written by Natural Habitat Adventures Senior Adventure Specialist Wendy Klausner.