green-season-1024x436Last year, Nat Hab guide and naturalist Brad Josephs took time out of his busy guiding schedule to take a trip with his wife to Botswana during the green season.  Having never been there during the rainy season,  they weren’t sure what to expect, but they ended up having an incredible journey through the Okavango Delta.

When Josephs was in the office a couple months ago, he told us it was one of the best trips of his life. In Josephs’ own words:

“Lush green backgrounds, baby animals (newborn elephants, warthogs, lions, hyenas, wild dog pups and more) and having the Okavango Delta to yourself makes up for the heat, rain, and lower concentrations of animals. We LOVED it!”

Lucky for us, Josephs is a brilliant photographer, and he’s shared his photos with us.  Enjoy collection of some of his favorite Botswana wildlife shots.  Then head over to Brad’s blog if you want to see the rest.  Trust me, you want to.


Green season is also birthing season. Elephants with a 2-week old calf.


A male red lechwe. This deer is common in the wetter areas of the Delta because of their love for water.


Hyena pup. Did you know a hyena’s bite force is 1,100 pounds per square inch, while the bite force of a human is only 150?


See the giraffe in the background?


The greater kudu. Some of the most beautiful horns in the animal kingdom.


This female leopard was missing an eye, but she’s still beautiful.


Group of impalas. Their vibrant orange color is striking in the green season.


Lioness and her cub.


Hippo swimming at sunset, near King’s Pool.


The gorgeous lotus flowers of the Okavango.


Giraffe, famous for sticking their tongue out in photos!


The lilac-breasted roller, Botswana’s national bird.