This is a guest post by Wendy Klausner, Senior Adventure Specialist at Natural Habitat Adventures

Anyone who knows me well — including the many Nat Hab clients I’ve served as an Adventure Specialist over my 16 years with the company — knows that Africa is my very favorite place to travel. I was lucky enough to go on a return trip to Kenya last year, which took the definition of “safari” to a whole new level as I explored via exciting modes of transportation that went beyond your standard 4×4 Land Rover.

Kenya is such a vibrant country, from the bright blue and red plaids worn by the Maasai to the rolling green hills and grassy plains teeming with wildlife. Some of the game-viewing highlights included watching a cheetah successfully hunt a Thomson’s gazelle, seeing 50 rhinos —both black and white— in one day at Solio Game Reserve, and watching a mother with her two baby cheetah cubs for almost a full day in the Maasai Mara.

Horse Safari

From the back of a horse, you can get closer to wildlife than from traditional vehicle-based safaris.

One highlight of Kenya is that there is such a range of activities safari guests can participate in. Horseback riding was a favorite, as we were able to get close to animals that can often be skittish when you are in a vehicle. I also went mountain biking in search of giraffe at Ol Donyo Lodge, camel riding at Sabuk, river rafting while at Loisaba Lodge & Star Beds, and enjoyed guided game walks almost everywhere, for an intimate perspective on the African wild simply unavailable from a vehicle. Since I love to be active, it was the perfect approach—safaris don’t have to be sedentary!

Mountain Biking Kenya

Nat Hab’s Wendy Klausner biking in Kenya with her Maasai guide.

Cultural encounters were also a highlight. While staying at Leleshwa Camp I visited a Maasai village on the Siana Conservancy, and while I have had many similar experiences in Africa, this was truly the most authentic. For the perfect finale, I capped my trip off with two nights on the coast at Kinondo Kwetu, a beach lodge on the Indian Ocean. It could not have been a more perfect combination of destinations and adventures: both private and national reserves, a great variety of geographic settings, and a myriad of activities!

I’d love to tell you more about my trip, or help you set up your own custom safari adventure in Kenya. Give me a call at (800) 543-8917 if you’re in the U.S. & Canada, or at (303) 449-3711 from elsewhere.

Wendy Klausner,
Senior Adventure Specialist