Jaguar sightings are way up in Brazil, and our brand-new short film gives you a look into their wild world, which you can be part of when you travel to the Pantanal

Naturalist guide Cassiano “Zapa” Zaniboni rarely saw jaguars when he first began leading wildlife trips through the Pantanal wetlands in Brazil decades ago. Now, these iconic big cats are making a comeback. Watch this short film to find out why this Expedition Leader is passionate about protecting threatened jaguars in the world’s largest seasonal floodplain.

It’s a world shared by Cassiano Zaniboni—better known as Zapa—a South America Expedition Leader with Nat Hab since 2010. And he has witnessed a phenomenal comeback of the jaguar in Brazil’s vast tropical wetlands.

The film features Zapa’s story in the Pantanal…and the story of the jaguars that thrive here—the same jaguars that thrill Nat Hab travelers on our Brazil nature expedition

When Zapa began guiding wildlife safaris in the Pantanal (which is South America’s richest wildlife sanctuary, with more biodiversity than the Amazon), jaguar sightings were rare and brief—often months apart, and fleeting.

Today, on our boat excursions in Porto Jofre, the jaguar heartland of the Pantanal, we expect excellent views of these large, elegant, muscular hunters. Sometimes we even see one hunt down a caiman! 

Watch our film to hear how Zapa’s love of wildlife developed in the Pantanal, and how a regional commitment to conservation has helped bring these endangered cats back. 

Nat Hab & WWF Expedition Leader Zapa teaches travelers about Brazil’s wildlife

Zapa leading a nature expedition in Brazil © Mandy Scott

When you come to Brazil with us, your presence demonstrates the value of protecting jaguars. And that encourages local people to steward wild habitat to keep their numbers growing. 

If the film inspires you to join us, our Adventure Specialists are standing by to answer your questions. You can also ask about our Brazil Photo Tours, and our Iguazu Falls extension, which you can add to any Pantanal trip.

Zapa & The Jaguar—like a personal encounter with South America’s largest wild cat—is a film filled with strong emotion. As you enjoy it, be reminded of the transformative power of nature travel. 

Travelers observe jaguar in Brazilian Pantanal

© Cassiano (Zapa) Zaparoli