Bengal Tiger

On the Chinese calendar, 2010 is the Year of the Tiger, an ideal opportunity to draw global attention to the fact that there are fewer than 3200 tigers left in the wild, and threats to their continued survival are significant.  World Wildlife Fund has set a goal of doubling the world’s wild tiger population before the next Year of the Tiger in 2022, even though less than 7 percent of the tiger’s original natural habitat remains.

If most people knew of the tiger’s plight, I’m sure the world would rally together to save these magnificent creatures. Can you help spread the word?

WWF has listed 10 ways to help nature lovers do that, from adding a tiger mask and paw prints to your Facebook profile via WWF’s clever application (with a link to WWF’s Save the Tiger campaign) to sending beautiful tiger-themed holiday cards.

TigersIf you’d like a personal encounter with tigers in their natural habitat, check out NHA’s Wild India trip.  You’ll spend 4 nights at the Kanha Tiger Reserve, the best Bengal tiger-viewing place in India, along with visits to other superb wildlife parks on the subcontinent.

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