Spirit bear in British Columbia

“As our trip was coming to its conclusion, the captain of our sailing boat, the Island Odyssey, passed around a ‘talking feather’ so each guest could make comments about what they enjoyed most during their voyage and adventure.

Great Bear Rainforest, BC

When the feather reached me, and I thought about how deeply I was affected to have had such an honor and privilege to have been so close and personal with the Kermode bear, my eyes welled up and my voice broke. I was not the only guest feeling this way.

Humpback whale in BC

I photograph wildlife on a regular basis, especially grizzly, polar and black bears, and wolves. But I can not adequately express how emotionally touched I was so many times to be near these majestic animals during this voyage. Thank you, Natural Habitat, for providing an experience of a lifetime.”

Steven Clevidence | Spirit Bears, Humpbacks & Wildlife of BC | September 2017

Ghostly spirit bear in BC

Island Odyssey ship

All photos © Steven Clevidence.