Kenya’s Great Migration is one of the most photogenic events on the planet. The migration includes vast herds of wildebeest, zebra and elephants, as well as lions and leopards hunting their prey. Spectacular bird life is everywhere, from the vibrant colors of the lilac-breasted roller to the delicate head feathers of the crowned crane.

A Kenya photography safari provides endless opportunities for photographers of any skill level to capture stunning close ups and impressive landscape shots. Check out these amazing Kenya safari photos from Nat Hab’s Vice President of Adventure Strategy & Finance Dain Lewis!


Wildebeest herd on Kenya's Great Migration

A herd of wildebeest crosses a river as part of their Great Migration across Kenya.

Cheetch cub and mother

A cheetah cub and its mother on the savanna in Kenya.

Lilac-breasted roller in flight

A brightly colored lilac-breasted roller takes flight in the grass.

A zebra herd crossing a river in Kenya

A zebra herd crossing a river and stopping to drink during their migration in Kenya.

Male lion on the savanna in Kenya

A male lion watches his surroundings through the tall savanna grass.

Baboon in Kenya

A baboon strolls along the plains of Kenya’s Maasai Mara.

Acacia tree silhouette at sunset

The silhouette of an acacia tree stands out on the horizon in the light of the African sun.

A cheetah family hunts a Thomson's gazelle

A family of cheetahs hunts down a Thomson’s gazelle.

A cheetah cub feasts with its family in Kenya

A cheetah cub pauses while feasting on a fresh kill with its family.

Eland with spiral horns

An eland shows off its distinctive spiral horns.

Crowned crane in the grass in Kenya

A crowned crane pauses in the tall grass of the Kenyan savanna.

Elephants on a Kenya safari

A pair of elephants face each other.

Safari guests photograph a herd of wildebeest

Safari travelers photograph a herd of wildebeest.

A jaguar in a tree

A leopard bears its fangs and hisses from a tree branch.

Have you taken a photo safari in Kenya or seen the Great Migration? What safari photography tips would you share?


This is a guest post by Julie Waggoner, Marketing Intern at Natural Habitat Adventures.