Norwegian nature photographer Harald Albrigtsen was testing a specialized, low-light camera when he spotted a pod of whales hunting for herring under the northern lights. ©From the video “Whales Swimming under the Northern Lights,” produced by Harald Albrigtsen

As we reflect back on 2015, we have to admit it’s been a tough year for the world. Biodiversity is being lost, droughts continue and wars go on.

But there is also much to be thankful for, as photographer Harald Albrigtsen shows us in the short video below. This brief footage of a moment in time reminds us of what our world can still look and sound like: neon northern lights shimmering overhead, the gentle exhalations of whales and the calming tones of lapping waters meeting sandy shores. Our pale, blue dot is still heartbreakingly beautiful. Take a minute—or 53 seconds to be exact—on this December 24 to savor one small scene that recently took place on it.

On this Christmas Eve 2015, I wish you all a night like this one, filled with light, peace and an appreciation for the lives of the “others” with whom we share this planet.

Here’s to finding your true places and natural habitats,