Nat Hab has spent more than 30 years scouting Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean coastlines, rain forests, cloud forests, national parks and wildlife refuges for nature encounters off the standard tourist track. Many travelers return home with stunning pictures of their Central American adventures, and we’re sharing some of our favorite shots of birds and sloths below. One featured photographer, Will Bracken, recalls how helpful his Expedition Leader was with identifying exotic birds, while another traveler, Edward Mann, recounts, “There it all was first hand—the pungent odor of an ocelot, the colorful vision of an eyelash viper, an alert agouti, a venomous millipede and the rain in the rain forest. In Costa Rica, the rain forest is only one of the systems we explored. We also wandered through the cloud forest with its resplendent quetzals, exquisite hummingbirds and so much more to see and photograph.”

Fiery-throated hummingbird in Costa Rica

Fiery-throated hummingbird © Doug & Tish Beach

Two-toed sloth in the rain in Costa Rica.

Two-toed sloth © Bruce White

Resplendent quetzal in Costa Rica

Resplendent quetzal © Eric Lutkin

Red-fronted parrrot in Costa Rica

Red-fronted parrot © Will Bracken

Red-capped Manakin with a berry in Costa Rica.

Red-capped manakin © Eric Lutkin

Three-toed sloth in Costa Rica.

Three-toed sloth © Eric Lutkin

Blue-throated Toucanet in Costa Rica.

Blue-throated Toucanet © Will Bracken

Three-toed sloth in Costa Rica.

Three-toed sloth © Will Bracken

Parakeet with a grub in Costa Rica.

Parakeet with a grub © Will Bracken

Collared aracari in Costa Rica.

Collared aracari © Edward Mann

Three-toed sloth in Costa Rica

Three-toed sloth © Will Bracken

Snowy-bellied hummingbird in Costa Rica.

Snowy-bellied hummingbird © Doug & Tish Beach

Scarlet macaw in Costa Rica.

Scarlet macaw © Will Bracken

White-throated hummingbird in Costa Rica.

White-throated hummingbird © Edward Mann

Visit secluded ecolodges, private sanctuaries and biological reserves filled with sloths, scarlet macaws and much more. Join our small-group expedition to explore remote places you’re unlikely to get to on your own and encounter Costa Rica in a whole different way.