While Scotland has long been known for its culture-rich cities and castle-crowned crags, it is also one of Europe’s last great wildernesses. At almost every turn is a vista that will stop you in your tracks—keep your camera close at hand.

Throughout this epic land, we’ll pass panoramas of glimmering lakes, heather-clad hills, open moorlands and cinematic skies. For travelers seeking an exclusive adventure, Scotland offers a secluded sojourn in nature.

In the Highlands, we’ll traverse spectacular cliff tops and canoe through glacier-carved glens steeped in history and legend. Wander deserted beaches in the remote Outer Hebrides, a string of 119 islands lying off the northwest coast of Scotland, and visit the Callanish Standing Stones, an ancient Bronze Age site.

The beautiful sandy beach and clear turquoise sea at Seilebost on the isle of Harris in the Western isles of Scotland

Seilebost on the Isle of Harris in the Western Isles of Scotland

Aside from the Scottish scenery, wildlife encounters abound. Witness bottlenose dolphins, seals and whales patrolling the coastline during a chartered cruise into Cromarty Firth. Squadrons of seabirds soar above huge nesting colonies on another private boat excursion to the Shiant Isles. Walk through woodlands where red deer roam, and visit the Scottish Wildcat Breeding Conservation Program to learn about the efforts to protect the United Kingdom’s most endangered mammal. And be sure to keep an eye out for the legendary monster, Nessie, as we skirt Loch Ness.

The Isle of Skye, meaning ‘cloud island,’ takes its name from a Viking reference to the mist-shrouded Cuillins Mountains. Journey past a beguiling mix of jagged peaks, towering sea cliffs and wildflowers bursting forth on the machair, a verdant plain atop the sand.

The Fairy Pools, Glen Brittle, Skye, Scotland

The Fairy Pools of Isle of Skye

As a nature traveler, you’re ready to explore beyond the castles, tearooms and tartan shops—and we’re prepared to take you there! Our exclusive adventure immerses you in Scotland’s wildest places, from mist-clad Highlands to windswept islands. After days of discovery, you’ll be ready to take a dram of whiskey by the crackling fire of a cozy pub. Slainte mhath—Cheers!

Our exclusive adventure is limited to just 12 travelers—you’ll find tranquility on far-flung islands and in the rugged Highlands, enjoying intimate moments in nature. Join us to explore Scotland’s wild heart and soul: Call 800-543-8917 or your trusted travel advisor.

How can you resist its rugged coastlines, ancient forests and wild moors…not to mention the whiskey? Scotland is truly continental Europe’s last untamed wilderness. Space is filling fast—join us to experience the stark beauty of Scotland!

Get a preview of all that’s in store on Nat Hab’s adventure to Scotland’s Wild Highlands & Islands with special guest Warwick Lister-Kaye, joined by Nat Hab’s Shawn Eggleston. The two will share all the details of our Scottish nature expedition, including wildlife highlights, nature activities, conservation projects, where we stay, what to pack, and more: