Dana Epstein of El Dorado Hills, Calif., had a lifelong dream to travel to Tanzania, but she never imagined she’d be the lucky winner of our Wild Wonders sweepstakes we offered last winter.  Over the next five years, Epstein will enjoy five remarkable international nature adventure trips for two, to destinations including Antarctica; South Georgia & the Falklands; the Galapagos Islands; Churchill, Manitoba; the Amazon & Machu Picchu; and Tanzania — for a total prize worth more than $90,000.

“I can’t even begin to describe how excited I was to learn that I’d won the Wild Wonders contest,” says Epstein.  “I’ve won a few small prizes in my life, but nothing can compare to this!  My husband and I are especially grateful because we’ve always wanted to take a nature expedition but never had the opportunity.   I feel it’s really important to be considerate of nature, animals and their habitat, because this planet is all we have and if we harm it we’ll never have it back again.  I believe eco-travel creates more respect for the earth and a deeper understanding of our environment.  All five of the destinations are wonderful and we’re still figuring out the itineraries, but traveling to Tanzania has been a lifelong dream and I’m especially looking forward to traveling there.”

As a member of Adventure Collection and exclusive Conservation Travel Provider to World Wildlife Fund, we have been specializing in small-group adventure travel expeditions since 1985.  Our company received a Best Adventure Travel Company ranking from National Geographic Adventure in 2009 and a World’s Best Tour Operator rating from Travel + Leisure in 2008 and 2009.  All our trips are carbon neutral, and more details about the individual itineraries can be seen on our website at www.nathab.com.

King penguins Antarctica

King penguins in Antarctica. Photo Credit: Glen Delman